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Divorce Attorney MD

Are you searching for the most reliable and experienced family law attorney in the Rockville, MD area? Cherise L. Williams is a family lawyer with unique experience handling a wide variety of family law cases as well as estate law proceedings. Ensure that your family’s most sensitive issues are handled with dedicated, personalized care; contact us to schedule a consultation today. Either call (240) 499-8569 or fill out our online contact form in order to request your consultation.

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Cherise L. Williams

If you’re looking for an affordable divorce attorney in MD, we offer cost-effective solutions to all divorce cases.

Cherise L. Williams is a top-rated divorce lawyer in D.C, Montgomery County, Howard County, Charles County, Prince George County, and Anne Arundel County.

She is also a proven child-custody attorney, handling cases involving custody, visitation rights, child support, and more.

Divorce Lawyers in D.C.

Divorce is a sensitive issue that is often accompanied by high emotions. It needs to be handled with delicacy and care by a thoughtful and experienced professional. Cherise L. Williams is a divorce attorney in MD with the skills and experience needed to guide you through the process and create the best possible outcome for you. Our firm can help you navigate both absolute divorce and limited divorce litigations. We are dedicated to staying up-to-date on case law that may affect your case. These are some of the unique divorce circumstances that one of the top D.C divorce lawyers can assist you in:

  • Alimony/Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Property Division

Looking for one of the most reliable divorce lawyers in the D.C. area? Attorney Williams’ offices are located in Rockville, MD, approximately 20 miles from Washington, D.C. She uses her extensive legal knowledge to advocate for you in your divorce. In order to get in contact with this experienced MD divorce attorney, call (240) 499-8569 and request a consultation today.

Attorney Williams always looks forward to helping her clients make a difficult experience easier.

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Outstanding legal representation people seeking to prevent or resolve legal conflicts.

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Prenuptial and
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Family Lawyer

MD’s best divorce attorney can also help you with a number of family-related case types. She is by far one of the most versatile and experienced family law attorneys in the area. Driven by compassion as well as a dedication to helping families, the Law Offices of Cherise Williams handles several types of family law-related litigation. Those include child custody/visitation, child abuse/neglect, child support proceedings, paternity establishment, step-parent adoption, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, and more. You need a family lawyer with extensive knowledge of the law, who can apply it to your specific circumstances. You also need one of the most caring and understanding family law attorneys around. Let attorney Williams help you navigate your legal actions and use her knowledge to your advantage.

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Family Law Attorneys Near Me

The Law Offices of Cherise L. Williams are located at 110 N. Washington St., Suite 350, Rockville, MD 20850. She will treat you and your family with outstanding care, working hard to find the best possible solutions to sensitive family issues. Her firm is the most reliable choice, whether you're looking for a divorce attorney in MD or a general family lawyer to handle custody disputes, child support proceedings, etc.

Child Custody Attorneys Near Me

Courts make their decisions based on what they perceive to be in the best interest of the child. Of the child custody attorneys in Maryland, attorney Williams fights to protect your interests in child custody as well as child visitation cases. Much is at stake in a custody battle. It can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Her firm offers support, guidance, and diligent legal work that can ease the process and help provide the best possible outcome. With attorney Williams’ help, you can create a situation that allows you to be the parent your child needs. She is one of the most reliable child custody attorneys near me, and can help you with tasks such as:

  • Negotiating difficult custody issues
  • Drafting parenting proposals
  • Working with the other parent to create a joint-custody plan
  • Advocating for your rights as a parent in court

A family lawyer can protect your rights in a child custody battle. We try our hardest to settle custody disputes outside of court. However, if she can’t manage to settle your dispute outside of court, she is fully prepared to represent you in court. Our goal is to devise and present a legal argument that effectively supports the parenting plan that you are requesting.

What Our Clients Say

Cherish cares about her clients that's a rarity. She knows her law. Most importantly she makes sure you know and understand it too. I would definitely use her again for any other future cases

craig lofton Avatar
craig lofton

Ms. Williams is a woman of her word. She listens to her client’s needs and provide the best options available. I have nothing but great things to say about her and would definitely use her service again! Keep up the great work!

quana graham Avatar
quana graham

Cherise, did an outstanding job handling my friend Divorce case. I would recommend her to anyone, who is having a hard time with their Divorce case.

Darrell Law Avatar
Darrell Law
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