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The greatest act you can do in life is the act of preparing a legacy. Although it may not be something you wish to chat about initially, getting a will lawyer involved in writing your will is important. Deciding what happens to your assets after you are gone is much better than leaving it up to the state after you pass. The Law Offices of Cherise L. Williams not only can help you as a will lawyer, but she is also the best estate planning lawyer near me. Have you recently fallen ill and are in need of an advance directive attorney? She can help you with that as well. She’s not just one of those lawyers that do wills near me, she is the whole package! Attorney Williams can help you as a will lawyer in the Rockville, MD area, as well as the following counties and communities:

  • Montgomery County
  • Howard County
  • Charles County
  • Prince George County
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Washington, D.C.

Estate Planning Lawyer Near Me

When you hire attorney Williams, you get a will lawyer, an advance directive attorney, and an estate planning lawyer, all in one. This type of expertise is extremely valuable, as each one of these legal documents and processes is connected. While it’s never fun, planning for end-of-life is an important responsibility. When you hire a will lawyer, you’re not only helping yourself but also your friends and family. Having your will and estate planned will save your loved ones from having to deal with painful decisions that they might not have enough information to make. Planning for your estate and hiring a will lawyer is an important step in ensuring that all of your assets and belongings are distributed, used, or invested exactly how you want them. Things can get very complicated when someone passes away without a will. Even if it’s clear to all parties involved that remaining assets will be transferred to the children, the lack of will can create some red-tape. Without explicit instructions for your assets and estate, your beneficiaries could be waiting an extremely long time for what they’re owed. This is why you should always be sure to have a will lawyer ready to help.
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Advance Directive Attorney

It can be tough to sit down with an advance directive attorney to figure out exactly what you need. It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but one that needs to be had. Without any planning, you and your family could end up in a far more uncomfortable situation should something unfortunate occur.

Advance directives are legal documents that let you take control of your end-of-life decisions. In it, you can outline the type of care you’d like to receive from medical professionals. You can also provide instructions to friends and/or family about your wishes for care and treatment. Nobody likes to think about these situations, and the conversations can be difficult. Thankfully, attorney Williams is here to provide legal services to Rockville, MD and surrounding areas. Talk to the best local will lawyer today!
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Lawyers That Do Wills Near Me

There’s a lot to consider when you’re preparing to plan for end-of-life. You want to be sure that you get the best among the lawyers that do wills near me. Attorney Williams is experienced in learning how to best help her clients. She will truly listen to your concerns, and do all that she can to explain each detail of your services. As your will lawyer, she never wants you signing or agreeing to anything you don’t fully understand, and will be sure to provide you with thorough detail. And, because attorney Williams is serious about her client’s satisfaction, she offers 50% off of your first consultation. The Law Office of Cherise L. Williams is proud to be the best of the lawyers that do wills near Rockville, MD. Give her office a call today to get started on your first consult. You will see that she has the family law practice for you!

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